ARTivism is everywhere

From my humble beginnings of being the sponge of everything – apparently I was the quiet son with eyes as wide as can be. I’m sure my parents elaboration of my childlike wonder is a preferred recollection over my crying fits. Whether or not my parents were right, or just lying to me – I’ve kept that same “kid in the back of class” in an observer capacity – never the “kid in the back of the class not paying attention and causing trouble”. I prefer being inspired by the uninspiring because it is those subjects that create from “nothing” – as if to think of each of these moments of observation as a mini universe being born, every time. We pass through this life mostly busy (mostly not by choice) and never stop to smell the roses but I’ve kept a keen eye on the roses, it’s branches, leaves, stems, and color. I may have missed a few opportunities to “success” in certain aspects of my adulthood – but why follow something without having a passion for it? Isn’t that which makes us who we are?

Over the years and with plenty of external forces in the political arena I’ve grown to appreciate the role each of us has in the world. We may seem like individual entities but to be honest we all have a great capacity for positive change when we realize our own group potential.  Without going into any rant about the who, what, why & how regarding “civilized” society which I will leave for my blog posts, I will leave you with this; humor. Without humor we would not be able to confront our fears, challenge our realities and ultimately change our perspectives.

just make sure that it’s tasteful.

~ peace


adminARTivism is everywhere